About Us

Eisto Technology was established with a goal to bring a change in the way people interact with technology. At the core of Eisto, is the motto to develop softwares and technology in the most user-friendly way possible.

Who Are We

We are a group of enthusiastic people who share a common passion for innovation. We are a believer of the phase, “Technology is for ALL”

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring a pragmatic reform in the world where technology works to solve real world problems and provide alternatives to current scenarios.

What We Do

We provide all IT and multimedia solutions. We also work on innovating technology in the most user friendly way possible.

Our History

The name Eisto comes from a Nepali word “esto”  which means “like this”. Eisto Technology was legally registered since 2019. But, the seeds of the passion for innovation which is now at the core of Eisto was sown way before by our Founder. He saw that Nepal being a third world country had many problems. Problems that could  easily be solved through technology. The Founder’s vision along with a team of equally passionate people is what has made Eisto one of the best software company in Nepal.

Our 4D Process


Find a problem and then innovate a solution to it. 


Designs are what sets the innovation apart. 


Developing industry standard products from the designs.


Always delivering quality services on time. 

Why Choose us

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Stunning Designs

Result Oriented Products

Experienced Team

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